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   Forms and Resources

In order to petition for reclassification, students must first carefully review the Board of Regents Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes. If you are able to document that you meet all criteria as set forth in that policy, you may complete the Petition for Change in Residency Status. Please note that only completed petitions submitted with all requested documentation will be accepted and evaluated. A Petition Checklist is also provided to assist you with completing your petition. Please note that this checklist is designed only as an aid and is not a substitute for the requirements stated in the Petition or the Board of Regents Policy.

Current documents available for download:

Petition In PDF format.
Petition Checklist In PDF format.

Newly Admitted Students:

Residency Information Form (In PDF format). - You may ONLY use this form if you are a newly admitted student who has NOT previously completed this form as part of your application for admission. Please do not use this form if you were previously, or are currently enrolled as an out-of-state student and are petitioning for a change of status to "In-State." Please do not use this form if you have been instructed to complete a “Petition for Change in Residency Status.” Contact us on resclass@umd.edu if you have any questions on identifying the form relevant to your situation.

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